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29 October 2010

How to change the name of a Facebook page

Yesterday just by chance I found out something new in Facebook. It’s something that lots of you have wanted for a long time. It’s now possible to change your Facebook page name. This is really new … even the Facebook help menus haven’t been changed. Read on …

For ages we have all […]

17 October 2010

Fancy a coffee ... where shall we go today

Which coffee shop shall we go to today? It’s always a dilemma when I meet up with the AgedPs. They go out for coffee most days but I can normally only manage Fridays and the weekend. Typically the email comes in from AgedP about 7.30am with "coffee" in the subject line.

So what’s […]

15 October 2010

0703 telephone number scams

What are 070 telephone numbers

070 telephone numbers are "follow me" numbers. They are designed to allow people to receive phone calls wherever they are. So if say you have a business phone line and want to go out of the office your customers can still reach you on your special 070 number. […]

12 October 2010


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