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27 November 2010

How the EU really works

Ever wondered how the EU really works and who owes what to whom – here is the explanation

25 November 2010

Conned by taxi driver in Barcelona

Why do Barcelona taxi drivers think they can overcharge customers and get away with it? They do it because they think most tourists are easy prey. OK our taxi driver only overcharged us by a few euros but if he gets a few euros from every unsuspecting tourist this soon amounts up doesn’t it.


23 November 2010

Hotel guests from hell

The NH Porta Hotel in the Sant Just Desvern area of Barcelona is a somewhat basic but friendly hotel rather like an upmarket Travel Lodge. It’s "out of town", inexpensive, and rather too close to a motorway for my liking, but nevertheless it’s very convenient for the tram into the centre of Barcelona and […]

22 November 2010

Fake Twitter accounts

Are people always who they say they are? Absolutely not and it’s especially easy to fool people online. So beware of Twitter imposters, Twitter scammers, and anyone with a fake or spoof Twitter accounts. And it’s not just Twitter, it’s equally as easy on Facebook, blogs and websites. Of course fake accounts make up […]

10 November 2010

Tiger prawn stir fry with chinese leaf

After a hard afternoon shoe shopping in Canterbury I was too zoned out to cook so Mr Blog made dinner. Prawn stir fry with couscous. Absolutely fab.

Ingredients: tiger prawns, chinese leaf, onion, yellow pepper, raisins, chilli, walnuts. The couscous: garam masala, raisins, couscous. Nutritious, delicious and low calorie.

I’ll post the […]