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29 December 2010

In search of the perfect email filter

I’ve just downloaded 3 emails. Someone in Ghana wants to give me 10.8 million dollars, the "Online Security Department" at "Halifax Online" want me to re-enter my online information and “PayPal” want me to click on a link and "renew my records". Hmm … you wonder how anyone gets taken in by this stuff.


28 December 2010

Mrs Blog's Samsonite suitcase gets wrecked on a Monarch flight

According to Monarch Airlines’ Terms and Conditions I must inform them about my ripped Samonsite suitcase at the airport (didn’t notice it – tiredness I suppose due to a 4 hour flight delay) OR I have to write to Monarch Airlines Ltd, Baggage Services Dept, Prospect House, Prospect Way, London Luton Airport, LU2 9NU, […]

23 December 2010

Under pressure

One day I am going to be arrested for peering at toilet doors in Spain. It’s a complete mystery to me why Spanish establishments don’t put Senora on the ladies loo and Senor on the mens. However in Spain I’m afraid there’s nothing as simple as this, instead you have always have to cope […]

22 December 2010

Making your hotel room feel like home

One of the nice things about our hotel in Lanzarote is that they are completely unphased by all the things that we normally do surreptitiously in hotel rooms – for example borrowing cups, glasses, cutlery and napkins from the dining room, and using the mini bar fridge for our own bits and pieces. Even […]

22 December 2010

It's a fair cop

I wondered what Mr Blog was up to sneaking into our hotel bathroom with a camera. It appears that even he noticed how little space he had been allocated on the bathroom shelf. He presented me with this photographic evidence in support of his claim.


22 December 2010

Lanzarote hideaway

Our hotel in Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands is a very friendly 3 star hotel (no idea why it is only 3 star, should be more) – excellent buffet breakfast, comfortable bedrooms (smallish) and quality bathrooms. However only patchy English is spoken in the hotel – doesn’t phase us as Mr Blog speaks Spanish – […]

20 December 2010

Mrs Blog goes to Gatwick Airport

Having spent too long in the departure lounge at Gatwick Airport this weekend because of the delays and the snow, all I can say is thank goodness for Twitter. Why Twitter? Because it was the only information stream that seemed to be working. The impression I got from Twitter was that real people were […]

12 December 2010

Global Warming - Part 2

Guest post by OAP

Gasses causing global warming are carbon dioxide (CO2),water vapour and some others of which is methane is more abundant. In this context water vapour is called a gas. Of these, water vapour comprises 95% of the total, CO2 about 3% and the rest including methane about 2%. These […]

4 December 2010

Man is not reponsible for Global Warming

Guest post by OAP

This is a multi-faceted subject and I will deal with it in easy stages, but before I start I admit that I am only interested in how Global Warming affects where I live, or at best in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean area. It seems nonsense to relate […]