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29 January 2011

Terrible Experience Email Scam - tears in my eyes

I’ve just received a scam email from someone called Daniel Colbert danielcolbert@hotmail.com X-Originating-IP: with “Terrible Experience” in the subject box of the email. It helps that I don’t know anyone called Daniel Colbert and there is no Daniel Colbert in my email address book so I immediately knew it was a scam. The […]

15 January 2011

Cash only Santander ATM

Every other week or so the Santander ATM in Tenterden behaves like a naughty child, stamps its foot and won’t accept cheques. Paying in cash Sir? Not a problem. The ATM always accepts cash but every so often dislikes cheques for some bizarre reason. Until you use it you never know what sort of […]

6 January 2011

How to print a Monarch Airlines boarding card in 9 not so easy lessons

When you are on holiday one of the things you often have to do before you come home is to check in online for your flight home and print your boarding card. As most people these days have some form of internet connectivity on holiday it’s not a difficult task to log onto a […]