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30 June 2013

New Recycling Service in Tenterden... my hometown

There have been lots of discussions in my household over the last few weeks, what will go where when our new waste/recycling service starts on Monday 8 July. OUT are the black plastic sacks, and IN is the black (residual) wheelie bin, the green wheelie bin, the brown wheelie bin, the food waste bins … […]

24 June 2013

The HotHouse Energy Company and Curved Air Marketing Solutions

I am so bored with spam callers, call centre calls, marketing calls, telesales calls …

I had yet another telephone call today from a call centre (The HotHouse Energy Company) asking only “a few questions” about energy savings in the house. At least the call centre employee didn’t lie when I asked him “Are you […]

8 June 2013

Sign of the times at John Lewis - Fathers Day

John Lewis

Perfect gifts for Dads at John Lewis including kitchen gadgets for "modern man" who likes to keep busy in the kitchen

Casserole iPod Bell to ring for attention ! Spirit container Drinks dispenser (or is it some new style radio) top object Satchel/Backpack Shoes and incredibly brightly coloured socks Radio to listen […]