• Tenterden

    Local car park drainage

    It always amuses me to see one of our local car parks during/after a rain “session”, the drain designed quite cleverly to take the water away from the car park is higher than part of the car park. The result? Enormous puddles in the car park Actually an upside down image of the car park is quite artistic

  • Tenterden

    A Snow Day

    The Beast from the East came to Tenterden in February 2018. OK I know it’s just a light covering but it is the South East of England! As someone who grew up in the north east of England you knew all about snow and ice in the winter months. That’s real snow you know!

  • Holidays

    Villa Romana del Casale Sicily

    The 4th century Villa Roma del Casale believed to be the former villa of Maximianus Herculeus.  Some of the most well preserved mosaics in the world. The floors are covered with delightful mosaics depicting mythological scenes and scenes from daily Roman life. Buried by a landslide in the 12th century and undisturbed for hundreds of years. Photos: September 2017