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10 May 2012

Thank you for listening NatWest

Success, NatWest have listened … to me … a mere customer, and they have overturned their decision to close my account.

So why exactly did NatWest overturn their decision so quickly? My blog posts, my Facebook campaign, my Twitter campaign? Perhaps they all helped, who knows, but probably the most important thing in the swift decision was that I actually knew someone in NatWest. It always helps to know someone!

I knew one of the local business managers, bizarrely not because of my NatWest account but through my local Chamber of Commerce. Thanks Andy, you were fantastic. Andy was willing to "fight my corner" and speak to his Area Director who was able to speak to someone senior enough in NatWest to get beyond the robotically repeated "we are going to close your account". Then a quick run through my absolutely impeccable personal finances produced the almost immediate over turning of the decision and a 4 page "we are sorry" letter from Card Services, £270 in compensation and an end to the whole sorry saga.

NatWest Helpful Banking

"Helpful Banking" Hmmm … without the local guys NatWest you would be in trouble. They are the ones who care about customers, they are the ones who care about your reputation, and they are the ones who offer the "helpful banking". NatWest you should do well to remember that

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    We’ve just received the same DYC letter today. My brother owns the company and like yourself has an impeccable payment history they get their money via direct debit. We never go over the limit, but we have no other accounts with them. He is more than annoyed. We don’t have any inside connections what would you suggest. I like your strategy but not the time. They are having a go at small businesses because they don’t make enough money out of us in charges etc. Plainly this can be seen by all

    Thank you for your comments.

    Another disappointed customer

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