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29 July 2012

Santander Bank wastes money when replying to customer about the free forever promise

Here is a useful tip Santander. Why don’t you send letters to customers in small envelopes instead of using large A4 envelopes, that way you will pay less postage.

I received a 2-page A4 letter and a small booklet from Santander the other day rattling around in a LARGE A4 envelope in response to my complaint about their "free forever" promise which is now no longer free and no longer forever. The letter could easily have been folded to fit inside a much smaller envelope.

Just in case you don’t run a "how to fold an A4 sheet of paper" training course for your employees Santander, here are some simple instructions for them:

Step 1 Employee asks a simple question
"Do I really need to use an A4 envelope" If no then go onto the next step

Santander A4 envelope

Step 2
Make one fold as below, proceed to Step 3

Santander A4 envelope

Step 3
Make 2nd fold as below, proceed to Step 4

Santander A4 envelope

Step 4
Carefully place letter inside a small envelope as below, proceed to Step 5

Santander A4 envelope

Step 5
Seal envelope as below

Santander A4 envelope

Bingo, the employee has just saved Santander Bank 19p (2nd class postage for a small envelope is 50p, 2nd class postage for a large envelope is 69p, difference = 19p). 19p for each small envelope used.

3 comments to Santander Bank wastes money when replying to customer about the free forever promise

  • Dionysus

    Most big companies pay a fixed fee per year, so it does not matter what the size and weight is per envelope, as long as it is one of the standard sizes. And needless to say that the 19p is used in the time it takes for an employee to fold the paper. And please bear in mind, that a big company always pay less than a normal consumer does, because they usually send out large amounts of letters per week (if not per day)

  • admin

    What you don’t appear to appreciate is that an A4 envelope costs more to post in the UK than a smaller envelope. The rules changed in the UK a few years ago.

  • Dionysus

    Agreed. For a consumer or small businesses. Any big business will not even feel the 19p and buying in large quantities will in most cases give nice benefits and/or discounts. Things like banks, supermarkets, and so on will not care about that. It is one less employee they will have to pay.

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