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10 May 2012

Thank you for listening NatWest

Success, NatWest have listened … to me … a mere customer, and they have overturned their decision to close my account.

So why exactly did NatWest overturn their decision so quickly? My blog posts, my Facebook campaign, my Twitter campaign? Perhaps they all helped, who knows, but probably the most important thing […]

21 April 2012

An open letter to Stephen Hester CEO Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Dear Stephen Hester, CEO Royal Bank of Scotland Group

In an interview last year you said "We have to serve our customers well, if we don’t do that all the rest is a waste of time." An excellent statement and down to earth common sense. However … unfortunately … some of your colleagues at NatWest […]

19 April 2012

NatWest bank brilliant new DYC campaign – dump your customers

Dear NatWest

You appear to be running a strange new marketing campaign aimed at Small Businesses this week. It’s called the DYC “Dump your Customers” campaign. I doubt if you‘ve run that particular campaign through your Media Department. They might just … say … err … NO not the grandest idea from […]

17 April 2012

NatWest and the Chateau Neu

Do you drink? Rather a direct question I thought!

At the close of play Tuesday this is how things stand. One NatWest department wants to give me some free wine and another one wants to close my account. And the person who was helping me yesterday is not in today and no-one […]