29 July 2012

Santander how free is your business banking

Here is a copy of letter I’ve just sent to the Santander complaints team.

Lauren Kennedy Team Manager Santander Complaints Team 301 Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5NT

Dear Ms Kennedy

Thank you for your letter dated 23 July in response to my complaint. The free forever bank account was sold to [...]

29 July 2012

Santander Bank wastes money when replying to customer about the free forever promise

Here is a useful tip Santander. Why don’t you send letters to customers in small envelopes instead of using large A4 envelopes, that way you will pay less postage.

I received a 2-page A4 letter and a small booklet from Santander the other day rattling around in a LARGE A4 envelope in response [...]

15 January 2011

Cash only Santander ATM

Every other week or so the Santander ATM in Tenterden behaves like a naughty child, stamps its foot and won’t accept cheques. Paying in cash Sir? Not a problem. The ATM always accepts cash but every so often dislikes cheques for some bizarre reason. Until you use it you never know what sort of [...]