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14 March 2014

The potholes and failure of the road surface are shaking my house

We have the misfortune to live in an area of increasing seismic activity. At least that is how it feels. When the heavy trucks hit the section of damaged road surface on the A28 between Turners Avenue and Beacon Oak Road, Tenterden we hear it and feel it. The house shakes.

As the road surface […]

1 April 2013

Mrs Blog goes out to Supper in the lovely town of Tenterden in Kent

Do you remember that town in Holland that took away all its traffic signs overnight so that nobody was quite sure what to do when they drove through? Supper club at The Swan at Chapel Down, near Tenterden is a bit like that.  First of all there is no menu to choose from. Second there […]

17 October 2010

Fancy a coffee ... where shall we go today

Which coffee shop shall we go to today? It’s always a dilemma when I meet up with the AgedPs. They go out for coffee most days but I can normally only manage Fridays and the weekend. Typically the email comes in from AgedP about 7.30am with "coffee" in the subject line.

So what’s […]