8 June 2013

Sign of the times at John Lewis - Fathers Day

Fathers day at John Lewis
John Lewis

Perfect gifts for Dads at John Lewis including kitchen gadgets for "modern man" who likes to keep busy in the kitchen

  • Casserole
  • iPod
  • Bell to ring for attention !
  • Spirit container
  • Drinks dispenser (or is it some new style radio) top object
  • Satchel/Backpack
  • Shoes and incredibly brightly coloured socks
  • Radio to listen to while doing all those jobs in the house, with matching headphones
  • Dicky bow tie
  • Shaving stuff and toiletries

The list almost sounds like the conveyor belt from the 1970s Generation Game. I love the way John Lewis divides up modern man into 4 categories:

business minded,
label loving,
action man,
country gent

Pretty impressed that I can order something online at John Lewis up to 7pm one day and then it’s delivered free of charge to my local Waitrose store in Tenterden the very next day. Brilliant service

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