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2 January 2013

Mrs Blog goes to lunch

I hate it in a restaurant when I have to send something back and today that took the shine off what would have otherwise been an excellent lunch at Lilium restaurant in Arrecife in Lanzarote. The starters were quite good, fried cheese for hubby. He ordered badly expecting goat cheese with blackberry sauce and some salad. Instead it was little triangles covered in breadcrumbs nicely presented with a very film of blackberry sauce underneath. My starter, new potatoes with mushrooms and foie sauce, mildly earthy and subtle. Too many "crisps" though (not new potatoes) aka thin fried potatoes. The mushroom juice was very well reduced and the courgette slice was delicious.

The wine was excellent. We started with 2 glasses and then requested the rest of the bottle, very good Rioja.

The main course: hubby had duck with fig purée, he said "delicious just right". Sadly my main course, fillet steak, had to go back. It was cooked properly, rare as I like it, and looked great, but you couldn’t cut through it with a steak knife. It was fibrous, tough and unyielding. The chef immediately came to our table and offered to replace it which he did and the 2nd time round it was excellent, exactly as it should have been the first time. The chef blamed lack of attention in the kitchen following the New Year holiday. He declined hubby’s invitation to cut through the fillet steak himself saying he trusted us. I don’t like returning food in restaurants although sometimes it’s necessary but I find it stressful. We had no appetite for dessert. A complimentary shot of muscatel wine that came with the bill was delightful. And the bill was reasonable. It’s just a shame that it had such a fibrous hiccup in the middle. Without that I wouldn’t have hesitated in going back. It’s a shame you only get one go at making a first impression.

Oh and the wifi – we asked for the code for the wifi and after some whispered discussion behind the counter one of the waitresses was dispatched somewhere deep under the counter emerging after 10 mins with a sheet of A4 paper containing what looked like the admin password to the restaurant’s router. Unfortunately the 20 digit code didn’t give us access to wifi, we couldn’t work out the ones from the "l’s" and the zeros from the noughts. Apart from that it still didn’t work I’m sure if we had persisted another half an hour we would have got access as the staff all seemed willing to help. It seemed to me that it was the first time they had ever been asked for the wifi access code before. Perhaps given a few more days to recover from New Year everything will work like clockwork

Vamos a ver
[we’ll see]

Lilium restaurant arrecife

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