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31 August 2014

Dave Lewis, new CEO of Tesco, take note

Back to Basics : some ideas for Dave Lewis from a regular Tesco shopper

Dear Mr Lewis

STOP moving staff around and engage with your community

At my local store Gerry was the manager for a short time, then Vince came along, a younger manager with loads of drive and enthusiasm, someone who understood social media, someone to get the store into shape, someone to get involved in the community, a great start. Then what happened? He got moved … he only stayed 4-5 months! How frustrating, even more so that he never mentioned his departure to the local community. How did we hear? We heard on social media that he was attending his leaving party. At about the same time the Deputy Manager Sarah went off on maternity leave. A void appeared! Who is the manager at the moment? No idea. I understand there is a temporary manager, perhaps there will be a succession of temporary managers until we get someone new, however even when someone new comes along it will be a while before it filters down to the community. Engage with your town and the local businesses. Get to know them.

PUT a noticeboard outside the store – give Tesco employees an identity

Take some photos of your staff and put their photos and names on a board OUTSIDE your store. If a staff member leaves or changes then change the relevant name/photo, keep the board up to date. Don’t just fill up your outside wall with noticeboards advertising OTHER companies, advertise yourself instead.

Tesco noticeboard
Don’t advertise other people, advertise yourself

STOP selling your forecourt space

Stop selling your forecourt space to anyone who will pay you. The companies that you let on your forecourt are often in direct competition with our local businesses. The motor companies compete with our local garage, the mobility companies compete with our mobility and care local shop. Our own local mobility company is now shutting up shop, you’ve seen them off ! No brownie points for Tescos

FIX your community email account

You advertise an account that no-one checks and emails bounce back

DEAL with low stock issues

What is the point of having shelves in your store with nothing on them. Go into my local store in the evening and look for toilet rolls, no chance, like gold dust.

HIRE someone to look after local publicity

No-one at your store appears to deal with local publicity. Presumably the existing staff do what central control dictates and that might not be the best thing at a local level. Put someone in each store in charge of local publicity, get them to monitor what is going on in the local area and around the store, look at things through different eyes.

CLEAN up your store

Our local store sometimes looks as though it needs a jolly good clean

BRIGHTEN up the outside of the store

Leaving rubbish, leaves and other mess lying around outside makes a store look tired and unloved. Most stores look too sterile. This is the outside of my local store, we live in a beautiful town with a historic High Street, can’t you do better than this

Outside Tesco
Sweep up the leaves, clean the graffiti up, wash the walls if someone urinates on them

Outside Tesco
Plant some flowers, paint the benches, clear up the cigarette ends, get rid of the weeds, mend the loose paving slabs


DON’T cover up your community noticeboard

Don’t cover up your community noticeboard with crates and crates of garden and BBQ materials. Take down the out of date notices

Tesco community board

REWARD returning customers

People are shopping much more on a daily basis now, use that to your advantage. Reward customers who shop at a nominated Tesco store several times a week. Issue extra Clubcard rewards if you shop 3 or more times a week at your nominated store to promote loyalty. If you know you have to shop 3 times a week in your nominated store to get some extra benefit and you’ve only been there twice you might just say to yourself, I’ll pop into Tesco for something.

GIVE small stores a village identity

Make your small stores more like the village shop instead of faceless corporate areas.

Yours, living in hope … and welcome

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