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24 June 2013

The HotHouse Energy Company and Curved Air Marketing Solutions

I am so bored with spam callers, call centre calls, marketing calls, telesales calls …

I had yet another telephone call today from a call centre (The HotHouse Energy Company) asking only “a few questions” about energy savings in the house. At least the call centre employee didn’t lie when I asked him “Are you selling anything”. His answer to me was “basically yes”. Well that set the tone for the conversation.

Do you know I am registered with the Telephone Preference Service?

“We’ve purchased a list from Curved Air Marketing Solutions” (telephone number 0845 0500344). Apparently every 28 days they check the list against the TPS list. When did you last check the list … “I wouldn’t know that” he said.” Who checks the list” “I don’t know”.

My suspicions were alerted immediately when I could see the phone call was from an odd number 001254686360. I asked the guy about that and he sounded surprised, he said he was calling from a Blackburn number with the STD code 01254 (he didn’t know the remaining bit, even more odd) but that 0845 0304455 should have come up on my caller display. So does this mean they keyed 001254 and not 01254 into their calling system. Does this mean you can just add any old number to come up on the caller display.

Then Joe the Shift Manager came on the phone. Every question I asked he replied with a bland I can’t give out personal information over the phone. I asked to speak to his manager, “she’s not in”. I said “she … what’s her name?” “I can’t give out personal information over the phone” … and so it went on. He promised to ring me back today or tomorrow to confirm that I have been removed from the list, now I wonder if that will happen.

According to the Telephone Preference Service if you agree to answer any survey questions at all over the phone you are consenting for your details to be passed on. So a bland question like “if you had any spare money left over at the end of the month would you consider donating some it to charity” You might answer yes, they’ve got you! Makes you wonder if you answer “no” have they still got you!

I wonder if the HotHouse Energy Company are not only selling energy products but also selling their lists on to others as they would legally be able to say that I had agreed to be contacted.

When will the Government act to stop these call centres bothering us.

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