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16 February 2014

Is this the longest running Vodafone service ticket ...

Is this the longest running Vodafone service ticket … 8 months and still not fixed

May 2013
Signed up to a new Vodafone contract for 2 x iPhones for hubby and myself

Brilliant phones, we both love them, except and there is always an exception, Vodafone voicemail abroad on both phones doesn’t work. I’ve been with Vodafone for about 15 years and never had a problem with Vodafone before (apart from their flaky 2G service in Tenterden but that’s another story!).

You’re probably thinking simple! the voicemail service hasn’t been set up properly for overseas use, wish it was that easy! Let me assure you that Voicemail has been correctly set up with security activated for overseas access to voicemail. Voicemail works like a dream in the UK, the minute we leave the UK it stops working. This isn’t the normal problem, getting access to voicemail messages, it’s getting voicemail to work full stop when we are out of the UK. Regardless of whether voicemail is on/off activated/not activated, callers get cut off after 5 rings. Simple I hear you say, turn the voicemail off, however that makes not a jot of a difference. Callers still get cut off after 5 rings when we are out of the UK unless Vodafone manually takes our voicemail offline and that takes 24 hours to activate. Without this manual tinkering the only way of dealing with the phones abroad is to get to the calls before the 5th ring but that isn’t always possible. If the caller is in either address book we know who it is and can call them back, however if not the caller is lost for ever, unless they ring back.

May 2013
Spain for a week’s holiday, diverted work phone onto mobile, oh dear no voicemail working on either phone. Little did we know this issue was going to rumble on for months and months and months. At the time we just assumed it was a minor hiccup with the new phones and put up with the inconvenience of having to get to the phone within 5 rings

May 2013
Back in the UK, voicemail working well. All checked out with Vodafone, reported to be working properly for overseas use. Silly me believing this

Dec 2013 /Jan 2014
Spain for Christmas!
No voicemail. Spent hours and hours on the phone to level 1 technical help, level 2 technical help. Vodafone said problem was unfixable from Spain. They assured me it would all be sorted out when we got back to the UK.

Jan 2014
Back in the UK. Voicemail perfect. Spent hours on the phone to Vodafone, both phones completely reset, up to date software on both phones, thoroughly checked out, working well … in the UK

Feb 2014
Back to Spain! no voicemail
So nearly a year later Vodafone say they are going to try something else but wait for it, I need to be out of the country for 5 days on the trot and they will get a service technician to look into this. It has now been left for me to contact Vodafone as soon as I land in any foreign country and they will start the process rolling. Not sure when I am next going to be out of the UK for 5 days in a row.

What’s the betting that no-one will know anything about it when I do ring up. Apparently a note has been put on my account !!! Nothing as easy as Vodafone giving me a reference number

Bet the call to tech help starts something like “remove your SIM card” and “turn the phone off” … been there, done that a million times Vodafone!

I think I need a refund Vodafone.

A trusting Vodafone customer

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