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14 March 2014

The potholes and failure of the road surface are shaking my house

We have the misfortune to live in an area of increasing seismic activity. At least that is how it feels. When the heavy trucks hit the section of damaged road surface on the A28 between Turners Avenue and Beacon Oak Road, Tenterden we hear it and feel it. The house shakes.

As the road surface continues to deteriorate cars are slowing and swerving to avoid damage, heavy lorries don’t even slow down, they are designed for rough terrain and they bounce over the ruts and holes creating an effect like a pile driver.

The noise and vibration typically begins around 5.00am and continues intermittently until early evening.

The road is deformed in several places over 200 yard stretch. One of the worst sections is right outside our house and I am concerned at the effects on the structure of the building. So far a double glazed unit has failed and there are some cracks in the plasterwork. More worrying is what might be happening that is unseen.

Potholes Tenterden
Potholes and failure of A28 road surface in Tenterden


Potholes failure of road surface
Potholes and failure of A28 road surface in Tenterden

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