• Days Out,  Tenterden

    A Day Out at Biddenden Tractorfest

    Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair, an annual event. Let’s start with the basics: Wear sensible shoes. The ground has a tendency to undulate and it takes half an hour to get your “farmers legs”. It’s the sort of event where dogs and children are welcome and where you can’t help bumping into old friends and chatting to strangers. Hungry? Thirsty? No problem, there is beer, cider and wine for the grown ups and juice based drinks for the kids. Food ranged from Thai to Welsh (rarebit that is) with all the traditional English staples alongside. If tea and cake is your weakness, you can indulge. And don’t worry there are…

  • Tenterden

    A walk in the countryside around Tenterden

    It was a hot August day as we trundled slowly off on foot into the countryside surrounding Tenterden. Water at the ready, hat on. The countryside quietness soon hit us, just the birds singing along for company. Over the fields, along the banks, over the railway line peering carefully along the track at Haystacks Crossing for any steam trains approaching, cows and sheep eyeing us up at every opportunity, stinging nettles galore. Is that a bull! I wont stop and take a photo! Moving swiftly on, passing the odd steam engine graveyard, and nearby the sewage works. It always amazes me how inquisitive cattle are and how easily they are spooked, so gently does it, creeping along gently with haste!…

  • Tenterden

    Local car park drainage

    It always amuses me to see one of our local car parks during/after a rain “session”, the drain designed quite cleverly to take the water away from the car park is higher than part of the car park. The result? Enormous puddles in the car park. Actually an upside down image of the car park is quite artistic

  • Tenterden

    A Snow Day

    The Beast from the East came to Tenterden in February 2018. OK I know it’s just a light covering but it is the South East of England! As someone who grew up in the north east of England you knew all about snow and ice in the winter months. That’s real snow you know!